Nokian Tyres Break Guiness World Land Speed Record

It’s not often that anyone attempts to break a land speed record and actually achieving a faster time is rarer still, but an Audi RS6 has recently been used to set a new world records for the quickest car on ice. In 2011, an Audi RS6 in the hands of Janne Laitinen was used to establish the record at 206.05 mph but now the same driver and car combination have established an average speed of 208.60 mph.

They used the same 7.5 mile stretch in the Gulf of Bothnia in Oulu, Finland they had used before to set the new benchmark. According to the regulations for land speed records, the RS6 was allowed a rolling start and the new record time was established after two run, one in each direction. The 208.60 mph average speed was calculated from both runs, so Laitinen couldn’t afford any mistakes on either drive. Another condition for this Guinness World Record attempt was that the runs be completed on natural ice that hadn’t been treated with chemicals or roughened up in any way.

A further condition was that the tyres had to be commercially available and road-legal for the country in which the record breaking attempt was being made. Janne Laitinen and the team had support from tyre manufacturer Nokian tyres for the attempt. As the firm are based in Nokia, Finland, it makes a lot of sense that their equipment was used to establish the record.

Perhaps Janne Laitinen and his team will all be back in a year or so to establish a faster time. Having already established an average speed in excess of 200 mph, if the team of record breakers do return to establish a higher speed they may have to come equipped with a faster machine that the Audi RS6.

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