Note to love cheats: hide your car

In the eighties it was shredding expensive suits, but these days the revenge strategy of choice for women whose partners are playing away from home is to attack their precious car.

In a poll, more than a quarter of women said that they would damaged the paintwork of their beloved's prize possession should he be found to be getting nookie where he shouldn't.

'Clearly, many Britons are prepared to take revenge if their other half is unfaithful – and cars are one of the things which are likely to bear the brunt of their anger,' said Matthew Mycock, managing director of Autoglass, which carried out the survey. 'Vehicle Vengeance is a very real threat with women saying they are determined to target what is most precious to their partner to get their own back if he cheats. Men who are tempted to stray should think twice – especially if they love their cars.'

Other popular ways of getting revenge included going on a spending spree with a partner's credit card, revealing intimate secrets to parents, and even puting laxatives in food.

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