Obama gets Congestion Charge fine

Proof that not even the President of the USA can travel in London without taking heed of the controversial Congestion Charge comes in the form of a £120 penalty notice from the London authority for not paying the £10 fee.

Apparently, when the President’s motorcade passed through the city last May, he failed to cough up the necessary dough required.

But although the motorcade included several vehicles, they travelled in such close succession that cameras could pick out only one.

But that fine is only the tip of the iceberg, as the American Embassy has accrued £5 million in unpaid congestion bills since the charge was introduced.

London Mayor Boris Johnson is said to be fuming at the issue, and has brought it up with the US leader. But the answer from the Americans is now as it always has been: diplomatic immunity. It seems that until Transport for London can prove that the Congestion Charge is not a tax but, as the name suggests, a charge, then the deadlock seems set to persist.

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