Obtaining van parts

Van parts for vans that have fallen into disrepair or are in need of performance tuning are readily available if you search on the Internet or browse through local dealerships (your local mechanic can help you locate them). It depends on how far you are willing to go in search of the best deal. Also, are you insistent on original parts from the makers of the van, or can you make do with after-market parts? Generally, a good car parts dealer is a good van parts dealer.

Internet Search

If the local dealers fail to entice you, or should you want a broader range of options to choose from, turn to the Internet. You can conduct searches with this vast resource. You could start with general sites such as the auction giant eBay to get a general feel of pricing. Alternatively, you can go to the sites below:

  • 1st choice.co.uk
  • 247spares.co.uk
  • Breakersweb.co.uk

These auto breakers offer used car parts and stock van parts as well. On these sites, you can search for the part you need and if they don’t have it, they will use their network to find it for you – at a substantially lower cost than new or OEM parts.


The price-conscious van owner should do as wide a search as possible. A good number of sites that will turn up will offer you cheap second-hand parts. Others will be official websites of the van manufacturers offering you genuine, tested, parts at standard industry prices. Finding van parts at good prices from well-established companies can have your van back on the road in no time.

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