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  • Dove evolution ad

    Dove evolution ad

    Dove kindly show how models are make-upped and airbrushed into perfection for our consumer pleasure. 'No wonder out perception of beauty is distorted' is the tagline to Dove's 'Real Beauty campaign. True, but are Dove not seizing on the idea of the 'real woman' to sell a product just the same?

  • Lost Generation

    Lost Generation

    If you've ever tried writing a piece of text that reads negatively forward and positively in reverse, then you'll be impressed by this. It's one social comment that must have taken a long time to write...

  • Did you know? Really?

    Did you know? Really?

    Oh we do love a good 'Did you know' viral. They make us feel all small but somehow like we're participating in the biggest social revolution since, oooh....Neighbours came to lunchtime. Watch, learn

  • Why Obama deserved the NPP

    Why Obama deserved the NPP

    A breath of good sense amidst a whirlwind of Obama-noble-prize criticism. Mind Over Chatter frontwoman Rachel Maddow tells America why they should be proud of their President for his enormous contribution to world peace, not, trying to take him down. Good job.

  • PS22 choir sing Run This Town

    PS22 choir sing Run This Town

    The PS22 Chorus (singing American schoolkids) are back with another huge tune: Jay-Z and Rihanna's Run This Town. The kids are as brilliant and as enthusiastic as ever. We love

  • Google wave

    Internet 'how dos' are always done as if they're speaking to 5 year olds. And the reason for that? Because what they are saying is reeeeally complicated and we don't really need to know the ins and outs - just whether we'll like it as an application or not. And that said, yes, Google's answer to e mail - Google Wave, we will probably like.

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