Oh Jeremy

We all know that Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson likes a barney, and now, according to Autoblog UK, the outspoken TV personality has blown a gasket in a restaurant in Australia after a fan refused to stop taking photos with his phone.

Clarkson was dining with fellow presenter James May and other members of his production team when fan and fellow diner Michael Garner whipped his phone out and started taking pictures.

Garner claims that Clarkson grabbed the phone off him while he wasn’t looking and threw it to his pals sitting on another table.

When he tried to retrieve the phone, Garner claims Clarkson squared up to him. He said in a local radio interview: ‘We weren't intrusive. I didn't walk up to him. He was 8ft away, he wasn't close by, he's got out of his seat, stormed over and shirt-fronted me.’

A spokesperson for the Top Gear Live tour said: ‘There was a situation where Jeremy and the rest of the cast's privacy was being invaded, but the situation was resolved amicably.’

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