Online damaged cars auctions in the UK

Car dealers who haven’t the time to strip a car for its valuable parts often sell them cheaply through online auctions. Finding online damaged cars auctions in the UK takes seconds but which ones are worth your time and effort?
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ASM Auto Recycling

Checking out asm-autos.co.uk is a good idea because this site provides online auctions that bring together the stock held at some of the country’s largest independent motor salvage yards. There are normally something like 1,000 vehicles on offer here and auctions take place each week. ASM Auto Recycling inspect each vehicle using qualified engineers who have to pass them as “suitable for legitimate repair” in order to get them onto the auctions.


Copart is another firm who offer online car salvage auctions. Their site’s user friendly. You can check on the vehicles coming up for auction through copart.co.uk and search their stock by manufacturer or bid base price. If you’re a specialist at repairing certain types of damage, you’re in luck because Copart also list each vehicle based on the type of damage sustained. This is a great site to use if you’re after something a little different like a broken caravan or trailer, but it’s equally good for salvageable cars and vans.


If you’re after a motorbike to do up, this is the site to visit. They have been running online salvage auctions for longer than anyone else so they’re a name to trust. You have to be a registered user to access the auction but you can still browse the available vehicles without logging in at hbc.co.uk.

Final word

This is a cheap, quick and convenient way of getting your hands on a salvageable vehicle and it’s also a great way of sourcing parts for older cars, bikes and vans.

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