Opel ADAM Valentino Rossi Model For Charity Auction

Opel’s newest brand ambassador, Valentino Rossi, and designer Aldo Drudi have created a one-off Opel ADAM Valentino Rossi. The specialist machine’s been called the ADAM and Vale for Charity and features a colour scheme that’s been inspired by the MotoGP ace. The exterior colours offer a contrast of black and luminous yellow. The grille is so black you can’t see the Opel badge and the five-spoke alloys are black at the rear and yellow at the front. Inside there are Dainese leather seats that have been designed to look like motorcycle leathers.

Although the name of six-times MotoGP Champion Rossi will get the most attention, the majority of the work was carried out by the designer, Aldo Drudi, who confirmed that “Scores of drawings were produced, phone calls were made and every time we decided to change everything and started all over again. In other words, it was exhausting but it was worth the effort.” Despite the long hour, “The car has turned out beautifully and we’re happy that it will be used to support the Meyer Hospital. We hope that this choice fires up everybody with the same enthusiasm we feel, because we can accomplish a lot together.”

Valentino “Vale” Rossi is Opel’s new brand ambassador for the Opel ADAM in Italy. He’s been part of a series of marketing gimmicks that show the common traits shared by the multiple MotoGP champion and the small urban car. The buzz words are “energy”, “creativity” and “personality” but you could also add, “unique”, “unconventional” and “precise” to the list. Opel Italia’s director Roberto Matteucci explains the firm’s decision to hire Rossi, “Choosing Valentino Rossi for ADAM is a clear sign of our desire and commitment to draft a new personality for our cars, while keeping our focus on German engineering precision.”

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