Opel RAK e Concept

The Opel RAK e Concept is a revolutionary sporty, electric vehicle that is defined by efficiency, energy costs and lightweight design. The car opens a new chapter in Opel’s pioneering role in offering revolutionary alternative propulsion systems. Speaking at the 64th Frankfurt International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Opel CEO, Karl-Friedrich Stracke described the thinking behind the ground breaking e Concept of the Opel RAK:

“We want to develop electric vehicles that everyone can afford…. The Opel RAK e experimental vehicle aims to deliver pricing that even younger customers can afford. The RAK e has cool looks and production-potential. In future, efficiency will be measured in euros, not litres per 100 km; today we are pleased to present our ‘1 euro car’."

Light-weight, safe and affordable

True to the ‘1 euro car’ concept, the RAK boasts of profound minimal energy costs, reaching 100 kilometres with one euro worth of energy consumption and a maximum speed of 120 kilometres per hour. In order to keep the car within the affordable range of as many people as possible, Opel deliberately avoids using expensive car manufacturing composite material. Instead, Opel uses lightweight steel space-frame structure underneath a layer of conventional synthetic material to make the Opel RAK a third the weight of a modern small car and deliver affordable pricing as well as high levels of safety.

Phenomenon design

Mark Adams, Opel’s Vice President Design speaking of the RAK’s phenomenon design in Frankfurt said, "The RAK e is inspired by our wealth of experience in the area of electro-mobility, above all by the Ampera. This progressive concept is creating a new class of electric vehicle; this is what future mobility with 'my first e-Opel' could look like. We are eager to see the reaction of visitors to the show."

The sporty design of the RAK is characterised by its tandem two-seater compartment that reminds you of the glider, sleek body work that is made of 100 per cent recyclable synthetic material and a large cockpit canopy that gives the driver and passenger all round visibility and a delightful feeling of spaciousness. Other notable features of design include a motorbike-like rear swing-arm and impressive front disk brakes integrated into the steering wheel.

The sporty car offers much more under its chassis to ensure your ride is not only safe and cost-effective, but luxurious and pleasant too. It remains to be seen how the ingenious RAK e Concept and its masterful design will be received by car enthusiasts when it finally enters mass production.

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