Original Boombox art car up for sale

Ibiza’s disco buses may have disco lights, lasers, multimedia flat screens, dance poles and even cages for dancers on the inside, but on the outside they are just normal looking buses, so how cool would it be have a bus that actually looks like gigantic retro style boombox?

This original vehicle aptly called Rockbox was created by Californian Derek Wunder, who is now putting up for sale because he's going to be a daddy soon and no longer has time to take this original van/bus (you try to define it) to music festivals .

The van is twenty-four feet long, and was built on a 1987 Dodge one-ton van chassis and has a 318 V-8 engine, and on the inside has two floors that can carry up to 50 people, who want the dance their days or nights away.

The giant mobile boombox art van has been a star attraction in the annual Burning Man community, since it was built in 2007.

It’s not only the impressive size and exterior that makes the Rockbox special, it also features exterior LED lighting and a rotating 37 foot high retractable LED beacon antennae, so if you want to dance under the stars you’re still be under the impression that you’re in a club.

It also comes equipped with an impressive 10kw onboard generator, inbuilt DJ decks and the whole shebang requires a 1 ton diesel truck or larger to be transported as the Rockbox isn’t road legal, but Wunder has one available also for sale.

The state-of-the-art sound system thats blasts out 125 decibels and is sold separately.

This ultimate party vehicle is on Craigslist, and for $5200 you just get the car, while $13,500 buys you the car and the sound system, while the trailer to transport it goes for $6500, but its creater wants to sell it to someone who’ll take it to Burning Man this year.

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