How to Buy Original Ford Alloys

The type of wheel alloys you purchase will depend on the model of car you drive. Purchasing wheel alloys is not as easy as it may seem. This is the reason why a wheel change can last longer than what is expected. All Ford alloys are not created equally, and, not every alloy will fit your car. You can waste money on wheel alloys that you cannot use.

Thus the first thing you must do when shopping for alloys is to write down the specifications for your car. By knowing your car’s wheel specifications, you can find the best ford alloy wheels. You should be able to find the specifications within the car’s manual. The manual should tell you exactly the size that is needed. There is also the option of asking your mechanic for your car’s wheel specifications and what size alloys to purchase.

A third thing you will have to know when purchasing the original Ford alloys is the wheel’s offset. This is also known as the insertion depth. This measurement is necessary to prevent the wheels coming into contact with the car’s suspension system.

When buying original ford alloys, you should also know the bolt pattern for your car. The bolt pattern is commonly referred to as the car’s stud pattern and it is measured using the pitch circle diameter. This measurement gives the diameter of the bolt holes for your car’s alloy wheels. The bolt pattern can also be determined by the amount of spacing between your alloys and the bolt holes. In a similar way that in which it is vital to know the wheel specifications, information on the bolt pattern is also needed for the alloys to fit properly.

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