Our guide to buying Japanese wheels

You've picked out your dream car, but you'll have to import it. Don't worry, it's not as difficult as you may think! Hundreds of UK drivers import Japanese wheels every single year. There are just a number of small steps you have to follow.

Japan is a popular destination for car buyers because of the number of highly attractive and cheaper models you can find there. Like the UK, Japanese cars have right hand steering, so you won't be risking your safety by driving from the wrong side! Japan also has some quite stringent emission laws known as the Auto Emission Control Law, and if your car has passed that, it is definitely suitable for driving in the UK.

You'll notice if you import that the speed display on Japanese models is set to kilometres per hour. You'll likely have to invest in a small sticker to put over the speedometer, so you don't get confused trying to figure out speed limits.

You will run into some Customs and Excise issues when you try to import. The current rate of duty on import cars, either new or used, is 10%, with VAT also liable to be paid. So make sure to budget extra for these two costs.

You can submit a request for an estimate of the likely customs duty you will have to pay on your car from the port in which it will arrive. You just need to have the details on hand when you contact them.

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