Pagani Huayra with Sonus Faber sound system at 2013 Geneva Motor Show

The 2013 Geneva Motor Show is not only a glorious display of impressive vehicles but it's also a great opportunity for makers to display the latest gadgets and technologies. In this sense Pagani has just unveiled a very exclusive new accessory for its wonderful Huayra, a fine audio system produced by Sonus Faber, an Italian-based company that specialises in high-quality speakers.

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The new audio system delivers an amazing 1,200 Watt of power output and uses neodymium magnets and components made of carbon fibre for highest-performance and lightweight. The structure employs avional, a high strength aluminium alloy, the speaker diaphragms are made of CFRP and includes a geometry which has been developed to dampen natural resonances of the materials used.

The system boasts a Digital Sound Processor, which makes the sound source even clearer and also provides the driver and the passenger with several customisation options to maximise the hearing experience. The cost of such a high-tech jewel seems prohibitive for ordinary people, a whopping €38.000 (£32,800), but if you can afford a Huayra you can also treat yourself with such an exclusive gadget.

Pagani Huayra took a long seven years in the making, as the manufacturer wanted to offer a completely different car from the Zonda, and the final product comes with brand-new monocoque chassis, built in carbon-titanium, which can be admired in the pictures. The hyper-car features gull-wing doors hinged on the roof. Thanks to the extensive use of lightweight materials the Huayra weights just 1350 kg split in a ratio of 44:56.

Performance figures are obviously impressive: under the hood roars a powerful twin-turbo 6.0-litre V12 (M158), sourced from AMG, that produces over 700 hp and 1000 Nm capable and propels the car to a top speed exceeding 370 km / h (230mph). The tremendous output and torque are handled by a a Bosch traction control systemand a sequential seven-speed paddle shift gearbox and a twin-disc clutch. The employment of a dual clutch running in oil bath has been discarded because it would have added over 70 kg of weight, which could have negatively impacted on fast shifting. The transmission system weighs 96 kg.

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