Palestine students build racing car

A team of engineers from the Gaza Strip have built an entire racing car from scratch – defying the restrictions imposed on the territory as a result of Israel's five-year blockade.

Now the team want to fly to Silverstone to compete in Formula Student 2011, the world's biggest ever student motorsport event.

Because of the blockade, the students, from UN-run Khan Younis Training Centre (KYTC), have been forced to build the car almost entirely from scratch, using water pipes for the chassis and an engine salvaged from an old motorbike.

'We are challenging all the pressures here, and the blockade," said 19-year old Osama Al Othmani, the KYTC Team Leader. 'We want to prove to the world that even if we are living on nothing, we can still create something from it. The last thing we will do is to stick on the label. It will say 'Made in Gaza'.

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