What you should know about parking fines

Parking fines can be the bane of life for motorists, particularly in urban areas where demand for spaces is at a premium. In order to avoid the unnecessary hassle of being penalised for illegal parking, it helps to have a sound knowledge of what which areas are permissible and which are no-go zones.

When to expect parking fines

A key tip to avoid encountering problems is to allow yourself plenty time to park. There is no point trying to plead with a parking attendant issuing tickets that your dental appointment over-ran. It is your responsibility to account for likely delays when selecting your parking duration from the ticket machine. Knowledge, or rather lack of it, where road markings and signage is concerned is no excuse either. It is firmly the driver’s responsibility to know the basics of the Highway Code and to understand the difference between single and double yellow lines, or when parking bays can be used.

Even if your vehicle was parked illegally by someone else, such as your partner, as the registered keeper you will be considered responsible for paying any parking fines. Upon receipt of the ‘Notice to Owner' letter that follows a parking ticket, you will have the opportunity to explain who was actually driving.

What about a parking fine issued for a vehicle that is no longer yours, whether you sold or disposed of it? The Council can check ownership at the time of the offence with the DVLA.

Occupations exempt from parking fines

Estate agents visiting properties have no exemption, although plumbers or gas fitters attending a domestic emergency can park freely for as long as it takes to secure any mains supply.

Parking fines and road markings

If signs or road markings were obscured, broken, worn away or covered by a repair, this would have to be corroborated with the parking attendant’s photographs to avoid a fine. Where weather conditions – particularly snow – have hidden parking lines, each case is individually assessed. If this claim can be confirmed, any parking fines will be cancelled.

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