Parking Inspector blinks first

Most people when finding their car’s been clamped begrudgingly accept their fate, but Jessica Davey of South England instead decided to stand by her Renault Clio to fend off any tow trucks.

’I couldn't afford to pay him, and I didn't see why I should, so I decided to stay with my car until he took it [the clamp] off so he couldn't tow it away. If he did, the £250 to get it back is probably more than the car is worth,’ she explained.

Apparently, the car was clamped because Davey’s parking permit was displayed on the dashboard – not, as UK authorities require, on the windscreen.

Parking inspector Anthony Brindley was at the scene, hoping she would give in. As it was a civil matter, police didn’t intervene, except when Davey’s boyfriend tried to remove the clamp. He was arrested for criminal damage but was later released without charge.

After a lengthy standoff, Mr Brindley offered to reduce the fine to £110, but Ms Davey continued to sit in the Clio. When Brindley finally moved on, she jumped out of the car took the clamp off herself and drove off merrily – even though she’d lost a day’s work in the process!

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