Pass Plus costs explained

Pass Plus is a practical training course that aims to improve drivers’ skills so they take to the road more safely. It’s a course that can be taken at any time but it’s main use is for drivers who have just passed their test a year before as it works as a great refresher. We take a look at what's involved with the course and the Pass Plus costs you'll be expected to pay.
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Bad habits

Every driver develops bad driving habits. We’re not talking about texting while you drive, or drinking too much before you get behind the wheel. We mean the sort of small, seemingly insignificant things we all do behind the wheel. You won’t find an Approved Driving Instructor who allows you to do these things during your practical test but no ADI will punish you for them during your Pass Plus course. The point of this type of course is to improve your driving standards in six key disciplines.

Pass Plus modules

The course’s six modules are town driving, all-weather driving, driving out of town, night driving, driving on a dual carriageway and driving on motorways. Not all of these are covered by practical lessons as some are purely theoretical. As night driving and all-weather driving are difficult to achieve during the long hot summer days, these elements tend to be taught in the class room.

Booking and fees

You’ll need to find an Approved Driving Instructor who is Pass Plus registered. If you don’t already have one in mind, you can find one local to you by getting in touch with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). You’ll find their current contact details on gov.uk. The fees depend a lot on where you live, the driving instructor’s charges and how long the training takes to complete.

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