Performance cars - when dreams become a reality!

Performance cars are the ultimate toy for big boys! From the time some guys are old enough to read, they're spending their pocket money on magazines featuring the hottest modified cars around. As they get older, they relish every given chance to tinker under the bonnet or daydream about how they would modify a Supra if they had one!!

Japanese cars would be amongst the forerunners when it comes to sports cars and torque power. Toyota takes centre stage with their Celica and supra models while Mitsubishi has the ever popular Evo range, Nissan caters to the performance Market with their sexy Skyline and NX lines.

The sports car industry is thriving even through the recession although many drivers buy in haste only to realise the true cost of owning such a vehicle when the business of motoring begins! If you're on a budget however, performance cars may not suit you in reality as they come with higher insurance and can be hard on petrol.

Cars that are built for speed come with big engines which, in turn, need big tanks and a lot of fuel. Younger modified car enthusiasts try to work around the initial outlay of buying an actual sports car by purchasing a more generic model and then adding their own customised touches to make the appearance more sporty while staying in the lower tax and insurance bracket!

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