Your petrol scooter seat, your comfort is paramount

You have bought a new scooter or moped, or have been riding one for a long time but some people don’t give too much thought to one of the most important parts of their scooter; yes the petrol scooter seat.  They are available in such a large range of styles and sizes to suit everyone’s taste and desired comfort level.  A new seat should be chosen for reasons of good workmanship, comfort, hard wearing and safety.  It is always a good idea to choose the seat that is right for you with these points in mind combined with the optimum choice that suits your pocket.

I have searched for websites that deal with scooter, moped and motorcycle seats and accessories and there is one that I found particularly interesting.  Try logging on to www.topsellerie.com.  They have an extensive list of countries that they will ship their products to and deal in all categories of scooter and motorcycle parts and accessories from seats and petrol tank covers to hand grips at very reasonable prices.

Top Sellerie have a large range of scooter seats to suit just about all makes of scooter and moped chassis. The most impressive selling point of this company is the fact that they offer the unique feature of allowing you to design your own scooter seat as you sit at your computer online.  You can choose from a range of fabrics and materials in cloth, leather or synthetic along with different stitching and trims to suit your taste and imagination.  I am tempted to buy a scooter myself just to avail of their great service but I think I had best consult my other half first I’m afraid!

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