Peugeot’s new line-up

Peugeot’s new 508 has got all the trimmings. It will be made available with seven engines – two of them petrol and five diesel – and it comes with five trim levels: Access, SR, Active, Allure and GT.

An entry-level 1.6-litre petrol Access version will set you back £18,150. It produces 120bhp and achieves 45.6mpg. The more powerful 1.6-litre SR version develops 156bhp and 180lb ft of torque – 63lb ft more than the lower-powered petrol version. Prices for this start from £20,850.

Prices start from £19,050 for the entry-level diesel Access. According to Peugeot, the 1.6 e-HDi engine produces 112bhp and 180lb ft of torque, with 60mpg achievable.

For something a bit more fancy, £28,750 and up will net you the GT HDi. This baby produces 204bhp and 338lb ft of torque with a fuel economy figure of just under 50mpg.

Keep an eye out in showrooms from April for Peugeot’s new 508

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