Phoning whilst driving up 27%

It’s a funny old world! Even though we know something is bad for us we continue to do it. Case in point: using the mobile phone whilst driving. But if you don’t crash, hurt or kill anyone you’d think it’s safe to do so.

So what’s the big fuss? Well, there's a fuss for a reason. Experts have worked out that if you do use a mobile phone whilst at the wheel you increase your chances of causing an accident. Despite this and it now being against the law motorist can’t resist making/receiving a cheeky call.

According to the Department for Transport, over the last three years there has been a steady increase in mobile phone use on the road showing a 27% increase. It’s thought that the dramatic increase isn’t so much down to more people breaking the law, rather it's thanks to more policing and better technology seeking out the users.

Neil Grieg the IAM director of policy and research says: ‘Along with consistent and high-profile policing, drivers need to be educated about how and why driving on the phone is so dangerous.’ So as those road safety campaigns say...THINK!

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