Pixel makes parking a doddle

A new concept car developed by Tata contains a steering system giving the car the ability to pivot on its back wheels, making parking issues a thing of the past.

The Pixel has been developed by Torotrak, an engineering firm based in Lancashire.

‘It has a zero-turn capability,’ said James Batchelor, the company’s commercial director. ‘That means it can turn on the spot.

‘Imagine backing into a parking space. Rather than having to allow space to straighten up, the front of the car just swings in as it pivots.’

The new technology allows the car to swivel – meaning no more three-point-turns.

Torotrak believes that the technology would benefit small car manufacturers aiming for the urban market.

Paul Watters, an AA spokesperson, said. ‘This is interesting.’

‘It would free up an awful lot of kerb space, which would be very welcome. It would also end an awful lot of the messy shuffling about you get at the moment when people park at the moment.’

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