Interested in the NHC Pixie mobility scooter?

If you or a loved one is mobility impaired then you'll no doubt have great appreciation for the excellent work done by the manufacturers and retailers of mobility scooters across the world. Giving people their independence back for years, these scooters have worked wonders for countless people across the United Kingdom and beyond, returning their confidence and ability to interact in a social manner.

However, as with everything worthwhile in life, these mobility scooters can come at a somewhat hefty premium. This means that it's more important than ever to do your research so you know exactly what to expect, and precisely what it is you're getting.

You should always check the web for user reviews of devices such as these to ensure that they are suitable for you or your loved one, because despite the informative statistics and specifications given to you on the manufacturer's website, they are poor substitute for real life user opinions.

The NHC Pixie mobility scooter is one of the most highly rated mobility scooters on the market, thanks in part to its superb design, ease of use and undoubted reliability.

Comprised of a super strong aluminium chassis, it's got a weight capacity of 115kg, or just over 18 stone, and an eight inch seat size which should be sufficient for most users. The scooter comes with two 12V 12Ah batteries, good for just over 9 miles each at a top speed of 3.8 miles per hour. The motor is 4700 RPM 21:1 270W which is more than enough for even the most hilly of streets.

The best price we've found in the UK for the Pixies was at mobility-scooters.co.uk, who offer three pricing options for the S34 model. You can order in a box (which requires some assembly) with next day delivery for £535, you can collect from their Blackpool based warehouse for £555, or you can have it delivered fully assembled with a 12 month parts and labour warranty for £595.

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