Police go-karts hit the streets

Well, as far as ideas go you have to admit this one’s a little questionable, to help a policeman capture any crooks on the move, he’s made five-gear pedal powered go-kart complete with a yellow and blue checked go faster stripes, or in this case, go very slow stripes.

The bobbie on the beat with the pipedream is PC Keith Waller, who enlisted teenagers to help him build this environmentally friendly car at the cost of £1000. The Z Car has five gears and a top speed of 20mph and is set to make its racing debut at the British Pedal Car Grand Prix in Ringwold in Hampshire on the 11th July. Talking about his nice little motor(less) PC Plod said; ‘getting youngsters involved gives them something to focus on at lunch and after school so they are not out there committing anti-social behaviour. I have been able to reach out to the students and make the police more approachable. It makes me look cooler, we all have fun and the children can come and talk to me.’

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