Porsche goes Diesel

With shared technology from Audi, Porsche will be using state-of-the-art diesel engines that deliver high performance at lower emissions and improved mileage.

The diesel Cayenne engine is powered by 240 hp and a mighty 406lb ft of torque; with an estimated 25.3 mpg, and CO2 emissions of 244g/km. Equipped with standard Tiptronic-S automatic transmission, the new Cayenne will cost 40,250 pounds, not the cheapest luxury SUV by a mile.

The good news is that an even more economical version of the Cayenne, a petrol/electric hybrid-engined SUV is planned for production by the end of the decade, with help from VW and Audi.

Though, the diesel Cayenne will be initially sold only in Europe, Porsche may soon offer its SUV to other markets. Porsche is banking on their new, low-consumption model to extend the success of the four-wheel drive Cayenne, which enjoyed record sales in 2007-08, moving 45,478 units.

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