Porsche 'welcome' to join F1

It is a truly weird thing that the best car in Formula One is made by an energy drink company. You'd expect that, along with Ferrari, they'd be a Lambo, or an Aston Martin team gracing the F1 circuits. And, of course, Porsche.

And according to La Gazetta dello Sport, Ferrari chief Luca di Montezemolo would welcome Porsche with something like open arms should they ever decide to throw their oar in and compete for honours on the track.

'I have a lot of respect for Porsche, which I consider to be the main rival for some of our cars. Competition is always welcome, especially when you're sure you'll win,' said the Italian.

But at least for the foreseeable future, Porsche is likely to refrain from taking to the tracks. Porsche's chief executive Matthias Muller said: 'Formula one is still not interesting for us.

'It is simply too expensive and doesn't offer enough in exchange, especially for spectators,' he told Automotive News Europe.

Sebastian Vettel's confession at Monza last weekend that one day he would like to win the Italian Grand Prix wearing a 'red suit' was meanwhile welcomed by Montezemolo.

'I can understand Vettel,' he said. 'He's an intelligent person with good taste and he knows what Ferrari stands for, with all due respect to the other teams.'

We don't understand why dressing as Santa to drive a racing car is all that good an idea. Still, if he did it he'd be the first.

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