Pothole problem resurfaces

Britain's long suffering motorists still count potholes as the biggest problem on our roads today.

That's despite funding already in place to tackle the issue head on. According to a study by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) a third of drivers have suffered damage to their cars by driving through a pothole. Another 16 percent claim to have either experienced or been involved in an accident caused by the pothole menace.

Pothole repair was rated as top priority for 88 percent of the 2,600 people involved in the survey. The IAM director of policy and research Neil Greig said: 'Eighty per cent of those polled thought that local councils should work more closely together to increase efficiency, and with no loosening of the public purse strings in sight, it will take partnerships to ensure the backlog in road maintenance does not continue to stack up.'

Potholes contribute to the majority of cars' axle and suspension failures, and cause as many as 1 in 5 mechanical failures on UK roads, according to research by Potholes.co.uk, who also claim that the nuissance road wreckers wrack up an estimated £320 million every year in damage.

Rather than using the money to invest in better roads, authorities currently pay out over £50 million in compensation over poor road conditions every year. So if your car has fallen prey to the pothole, you can make a claim against your local council (or just report the whereabouts of the hole) either directly or by contacting specialist road experts Potholes.co.uk.

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