Powerflow exhausts - as individual as you are!

Powerflow exhausts are words that strike a chord with many modified car enthusiasts. Powerflow are the UK's leading manufacturer of stainless steel exhausts.

Powerflowexhausts.co.uk is the official site for Powerflow and you can find your nearest stockist by entering your postcode. Powerflow do exhausts for all types of cars including classic models, rally cars and 4 x 4's. Powerflow have over 70 build centres nationwide so there's sure to be one near you and you can drop in to discuss your needs.

The system is built on the actual vehicle so it fits perfectly. Each system comes with a purchasers lifetime of ownership guarantee. The website has a comprehensive online gallery where you can check out various systems that have been previously built and installed.  As Powerflow systems are not generic that means that they're each individually priced so it's not possible to get a quote online. Once you contact your nearest dealer with your specific requirements then they will give you a quote by e mail or by phone.

Districtgarage.co.uk is a garage that's based in Bolton and is an authorised Powerflow agent. This garage states that they can only fit a Powerflow exhaust system if you bring your car directly to them but they also offer the lifetime ownership guarantee on all systems fitted. On their homepage they have cat back single exit systems advertised from only £330 and the cat dual back exit system from £560 fitted. There is a helpline number that you can contact should you need assistance or want to book your car in.

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