Certified pre owned Volvo deals

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Volvo's reputation was built on safety above style. Since then Volvo has carved a new place for itself based on good looking stylish cars that are also as safety conscious as any car companies

Volvocars.com are offering great pre owned Volvo deals on Wagons, Crossovers, Sedans, Convertibles, Hatchbacks and Coupes. With the sites extensive search engine you can choose exactly what kind of Volvo you want from a range of search options. Cars at Volvocars.com are Certified Pre-Owned(CPO).

The top 10 reasons the CPO warranty is essential are:

  • You get 6-year/100,000-mile exclusionary CPO warranty that fully covers every part including the replacement or repair of thousands of components
  • No deductible for CPO warranty visits meaning you dont pay anything for service visits covered by your CPO warranty
  • Volvo Certified Comprehensive Inspection means that vehicles are examined and road tested at more than 130 different points and components are repaired or replaced as needed
  • Volvo On Call Roadside Assistance offers free emergency roadside and towing service 24/7/365, these are available for the length of the CPO warranty:
  • CARFAX Buyback Guarantee as if a severe problem is found by a DMV, CARFAX will buy back the vehicle back from you.
  • Volvo Genuine Service offer factory trained technicians that will carry out expert inspection/evaluation
  • Strict eligibility rules as for a car to qualify it must no more than 6 years old and its mileage must be 80,000 miles or fewer
  • Higher standards as every car is put through a 130+ point inspection. Each vehicle is covered by a CPO warranty
  • Award-winning value as Volvo has been ranked among the top three in the luxury segment by an independent automotive information company every year since 2001.
  • Protection Plus+ covers your vehicle’s Factory Scheduled Maintenance (FSM) for 6 years or 100,000 mile

Whether you want a family vehicle or a sportier used car the CPO guarantee should be the 1st thing you would want on a pre owned Volvo.

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