Where can you find the best deals on pre registered cars

If you are struggling to afford a brand new car but you don't want to go down the second hand car route, then did you know you have a whole other option to get what you are looking for, and that option is to buy pre registered cars? Preregistered cars are brand new cars that were registered for somebody, who then cancelled the order. This happens quite a bit around car dealerships, so let's check out where you can find the bargains on these cars.

If you know where to look, the discounts on a pre-registered car can be staggering. Often, car dealerships will be so keen to get these cars off their hands that they will offer heavy discounts of up to 50% off the ticket price of the car.

Dealers can offer these discounts due to the fact that they often pre-register these cars to meet a sales target set by the manufacturer, who will reward them with extra discounts or bonuses. They will then use these discounts to take some of the cost price off of a car. If it is a particularly hard car to sell, then these discounts can get a lot higher.

One UK site who specialises in pre-registered cars is New Reg Cars, who you can find online at www.newregcars.co.uk/. New Reg round up all of the pre-registered cars in their network of dealers, and offer them for discounted prices online. This saves you from having to scour around forecourts trying to find the best deal possible on a car! Handy eh?

Another site well worth a look deals exclusively in Fords, but there are huge bargains to be found! This site is www.jenningsforddirect.co.uk and simply click on their pre-reg tab to see what bargains are on offer!


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