Our guide to buying a pre registered Ford Focus

If you're in the market for a second hand car, then there are few more reliable cars than the Ford Focus. Before you splash the cash though, make sure and check out our guide to buying a pre registered Ford Focus, as there are a few things to look out for!

There's a reason the Ford Focus is the UK's favourite car. It's far and away the best all round drive available out there, and it's as reliable as they come too. Since launching in 1998, it has consistently topped the sales charts, and as a result, it has a thriving second hand market that offers reasonably priced Focus' for low costs!

Generally, the five door 1.6 litre model is the one you will encounter most, as it was the top seller. Even if they have high mileage, their full service history makes them an attractive purchase. Here are a few things to look out for if you're purchasing a Focus.

Gauge - Some models of the Focus suffer from sticking fuel gauges. Try and establish if this is present, as it costs around £200 to fix.

Engine - Shifting gear on the petrol models can cause surging revs. This is a simple fix, new plug leads usually fix the problem.

Suspension - The Focus is renowned for having brilliant suspension, but wheel bearings can wear quickly, particularly at the rear. Listen for droning from your wheels.

Exhaust - The rear silencers are prone to corrosion, especially on low mileage cars. A thorough check of this area is worthwhile before purchasing.

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