Prices cars Ireland, it's all sane again!

Prices of cars in Ireland have finally reached an affordable level! Garages have recognised that the recession is a reality and have dropped their prices accordingly.

The government offered their own incentive when they extended the scrappage deal into 2011 but many main dealers, such as Opel and Nissan, took that one step further and added on their own discounts.

What this means is that instead of getting up to €3000 off the price of a new car, in the case of Opel you can actually get €5000 off up until September 2011!

What you can expect to pay for a new car varies depending on the make and model but every dealership has a website with an option to request brochures and even quotations for finance.

Once you have a specific model in mind the price comparison websites can tell you the garages that stock it and how much you can expect to pay for it. Nissan would also sell their leased fleet at competitive prices which could see you buy a relatively new car at a nice price but always be mindful of the mileage as it can be quite high in a fleet car.

Even though garages are offering some of the best deals ever seen in this country, buying a used car is the choice of many as these too have reduced in price.

Websites like Donedeal and CBG show a huge increase in the private sales sector. This could be due to the poor trade in price offered by many main dealers or the constantly rising price of fuel which means many people are trying to downsize.

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