Learn about the Features of the Prius Hybrid

One of the main features of the Toyota Prius Hybrid is its fuel efficiency. The car is a combination between the electric and gasoline powered engine. Toyota has been one of the major innovators when it comes to fuel efficient and hybrid vehicles. The Prius was released in 1997. The Hybrid by Toyota is now on its third generation of the Prius. Demand has grown due to the performance that the Prius Hybrid has delivered in not only price but also drive performance and features.

Fuel and Power Efficiency

The gasoline engine holds 1.8 litres in the tank. On the highway, the car can receive 45 miles per gallon. In the city, the car can get 48 miles per gallon. The electric portion of the motor gives an output of 80 horsepower with a voltage of 650. The electric battery has a power output of 36 horsepower with a voltage of 202 volts.

Exterior Features

The car comes with alloy wheels. They are 5-spoked wheels that are 15 inches. The Prius Hybrid comes with a ventilation system that is solar powered. It is powered by air filtering through an electric fan. The air is circulated throughout the cabin up to a temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The car also comes with a rear spoiler and a radio antenna mounted on top of the roof.

Interior Features

The car is large enough for five passengers. The inside includes dual glove compartments on the passenger sides. The centre console consists of dual cup holders, 12 volt auxiliary outlet, storage compartment and arm rest. The Hybrid also features a drivers door Smart Key System. This allows for the car to start with a push of a button as well as unlock the doors from far away. Another key feature is the cruise control display. The radar allows drivers to set speed settings for long drives on the highway.




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