Problems with pot holes in roads?

What do you do if you think there’s a serious problem with pot holes in UK roads? That’s right, you wheel in Olympic cycling champ, Sir Chris Hoy to front a campaign to improve them.

The campaign is organised by Aggregate Industries who claim that ‘£9.5 billion is needed to bring roads up to standard’ (obviously they’re oblivious to the current financial situ), but the current government budget is £100 million.

Talking about his new crusade, Sir Hoy said: ‘The short-term problem with potholes, but raising awareness of the need to improve road surfaces long term. This in turn will make it safer and give cyclists more confidence. The more people we can get on bikes the better, meaning less congestion, improving health and many other spin-offs.'

Hang on! Isn’t Chris Hoy just fronting a campaign for more road works?

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