Proposed motorsports complex in Wales gets MotoGP approval

The proposed Circuit of Wales motorsports complex has received public backing by Dorna’s CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta.

The MotoGP boss met with the Heads of the Valleys Development Company who are behind the project, but also with Lord Kinnock, former UK Labour Party leader and now ambassador for the circuit, and Welsh Minister for Business, Enterprise, Technology and Science Edwina Hart and with World Superbike riders Leon Haslam who is consulting on the track layout, and Chaz Davies who hails from Wales.

The new £250m facility that is to be built by FCC Construcción and Alun Griffiths of Abergavenny on an area of 830 acres near Ebbw Vale, in South Wales - if the venture is approved by the local authorities - could start breaking ground as soon as July of this year, and could be ready to host a MotoGP or a World Superbike (both championships are now run by the Spanish based Dorna) event as early as 2015.

The Circuit of Wales will feature a 3.5 mile track built to FIM and FIA standards and will be able to host MotoGP, World Superbikes and World Touring Car events, but the facility will also be home to a technology park, international standard karting track, a motocross track, hotel and leisure facilities and a top race academy to develop elite riders and drivers from around Europe.

“It’s fantastic. I think this is a very, very important programme for MotoGP and for motorsport in general. It is good for the area and good for the people and the people behind it will have our help and whatever they need for the programme. We have been working with them and we will continue with that. We are more than happy with this programme,” said Ezpeleta speaking to local press.

The Spanish manager also added that the development of the facility could bring around 9,000 jobs to the area and that events attract around 70,000 people which help boost the local economy by around £2.5 million per event.

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