Public support for 30mph speed limits

Motorists are keen to see more 20mph speed limits introduced on UK roads, particularly in areas such as around schools. But most would like traditional methods of ensuring drivers keep to the restrictions to be given a wider berth.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists has found that 67 percent of drivers want lowered lower speed limits around schools, with 38 percent wanting the limits reduced around shops and parks.

But enforcing the measures is a different issue. Only 20 percent of the 4,000 surveyed came out in favour of speed cameras, and only 21 percent supported a mixture of sleeping policemen (humps) as well as cameras.

Around 40 percent of those asked felt that the use of the 20mph signs is sufficient in itself, and that the police should trust the public to comply with the limits.

'The IAM supports the selective use of 20mph speed limits where there is clear evidence that the risk of casualties will be reduced,' said IAM head of road safety Kevin Delaney.

'But blanket 20mph speed limits or limits at inappropriate sites risk widespread disregard by drivers who do not recognise a necessity for them.

'Passive enforcement measures, such as speed bumps, are unpopular and active enforcement by police is unrealistic in the current financial climate.'

So what do you think? Would the world be a safer place if we all had to drive at 20mph? Would drivers have the self-disciplice and conscience to comply if they know that policing is to be lax and left up to the indicidual? How would this affect the accident rate? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below

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