Public Transport increase

As families carefully spend their hard earn pennies after the credit crunch and the recession, it’s been revealed they’ve decided to sacrifice their car use and opt for public transport in order to save some money.

According to the AA the raise in petrol prices in the UK to 120.14p per litre (the highest it’s ever been...nearly) has had an affect on how often consumers wheel their car out the driveway. With 15,000 motorists who took part in the survey almost half of them, 48%, said they were now forced to use their car less with 34% saying they had to make other cutbacks so they could fill up their petrol tanks.

Alistair Darling's petrol price hike in the recent budget now means that the average price to fill a tank is £4.80 more expensive that this time last year and is expected to increase even more when the wholesale price of fuel takes a step up later on.

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