Pushing the limit

Everyone's got to get somewhere, and it seems few are content to bask in the miracle of automotion and actually enjoy time spent behind the wheel.

The average motorist in fact breaks the speed limit as many as 18,000 times during a lifetime, according to a new report.

Price comparison site Gocompare has found that on average a motorist will have 81 near misses and be involved in 35 minor accidents. And it's not only driving that happens behind the wheel, explains John Miles of Gocompare.com: 'It's okay to use your car as a home-from-home if you're stationary and parked – but if you're in the middle of a journey, your mind should be on driving, not juggling a hot coffee and a mobile phone.'

He adds: 'What is worrying is that motorists clearly aren't just driving in the car.'

The alarming data has been released as speed awareness charity Break appeals to drivers to check their speed over the summer holidays and drive at 20mph or less in built-up areas to help avoid road deaths.

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