Put safety first

Cuts to council budgets mean road maintainance is becoming more and more neglected. And in a new study, it was found that thousands of lives could be saved in the event of a small portion of Britain’s maintenance budget was used to upgrade safety features on Britain’s roads.

Fuming officials at the Road Safety Foundation claim that if its own ten-year programme were put in place now, it would make a saving of 10 percent of the current budget to iron out current safety flaws in our roads.

A report commissioned by the RAC claims that as well as the cost in lives, road accidents lose the country up to £1.2 billion per year.

It holds that long term savings would be made by addressing issues such as missing safety fencing and unsafe junction layouts. Professor Stephen Glaister, RAC’s top dog, says: ‘Given that Britons are more likely to die on the roads than in any other daily activity, this report should make us first angry, and then determined to act to see more lives saved – at little or no extra cost.’

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