Gibbs Quadski

Meet the Worlds first High Speed Amphibian (HSA), the Gibbs Quadski. Although it was launched back in 2012 and went on sale in 2013, there is much to learn about this unqiue vehicle. Here is a quick look at what it can all do and where you can find more information about it.

An Overview

Gibbs Quadski is an interesting cross between a jetski and quad that was developed and manufactured in Auburn Hills, Michigan by Alan Gibbs. This amphibian vehicle carries a 1.3 liter BMW 4-cylinder and can reach up to 45 mph on land and water. That might not seem that speedy, but compared to the past amphibian vehicles which reached 8 mph, the quadski is quite swift. It can hold up to 265 pounds and has a 15 gallon fuel tank.

So how exactly does this work? When transitioning into the water, the driver simply pushes a button that retracts the dashboard and wheels taking roughly 5 seconds. The same goes when moving on to dry land. Click the button and go.

Currently there are dealers in the States, Germany, Middle East, and North Africa. Only those though with a good bit of recreational money are the ones that can afford these humdingers. They are selling at roughly £24,000. You do get your choice of red, yellow, silver, black, and blue. As for the rest of us that don't have that kind of petty cash laying around, will just have to live vicariously through them.

To learn more about the engine, technology and design of these quadskis, check out the Gibbs sports website here:


and read a comprehensive overview of the quadski here:


Wait and See

Times are changing and vehicles are no exceptions. With the quadskis now available, there are only going to be more improvements and innovative models in the near future. While you may not be able to purchase a quadski any time soon, maybe it will work in your favour to play the waiting game. Who knows what deals will pop up when the new models arrive.

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