Radical Facelift for London Bus

Transport for London’s “A New Bus for London” bus design competition has attracted a radical yet multipurpose blueprint from Hugh Frost, an industrial designer. Frost’s new vehicle design combines both passenger and freight transportation capabilities and is deemed the ultimate solution to London’s pollution and congestion problems.

Frost’s concept design is the Freight*BUS, a massive double-decker featuring technology that can adapt to varying numbers of passengers and cargo. The flexible-use of the design comes from ceiling-suspended seats, which can be folded out of the way to make room for freight.

Frost foresees his Freight*BUS as a freight carrier with capacity equivalent to 35 standard “europallets.” To facilitate loading and unloading, Frost has designed a palletless system. The London bus will still carry passengers but will assume the role of cargo handler during the night or during off-peak times of the day.

Designed for any possible future propulsion system, including batteries that recharge when the bus stops, or even fuel cell powerplants in the near future.

The in-wheel electric motors designed for the Freight*BUS allows it to maneuver into tight bus stops.

Although the Freight*BUS did not win the competition, Frost is looking for partners to fund development of his concept further.

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