Raising the limit

Changes to the national motorway speed limit are thought to be on the agenda for this month's Conservative Party conference, with experts agreeing that a higher limit that is more strictly enforced would benefit everyone.

The Department for Transport describing the report as 'speculation'.

'We need to make sure that we are looking at the right criteria when considering what level speed limits should be set at,' a DfT spokesperson said.

'This means looking at the economic benefits of shorter journey times as well as considering other implications such as road safety and carbon emissions.

'Any proposal to change national speed limits would be subject to full public consultation.'

AA President Edmund King wants to raise the limit, saying that it would be safe to drive at such a speed.

'Our view is that 80mph in a modern car in good weather, at a proper distance from the car in front is a safe speed, whereas 50mph in bad weather tailgating the car in front is a very dangerous speed,' he said.

'Some might argue that 80mph is already the default speed, as motorists rarely get prosecuted for driving at 80mph on motorways.

'However, if we want people to adhere to the lower speed limits, such as 30mph, it is better to have speed limits that are realistic and enforced.'

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