Where to buy RCZ Alloys

Buying RCZ alloys is easy as there are many outlets both online and offline where you can find them. RCZ alloys are quite expensive, but this is because they are for quality cars with luxury looks.

Buying Online

There are a great number of sites out there dedicated to selling car accessories and modifications such as RCZ alloys. Most of them are sites which sell a great number of different alloys so you have to search for the ones you want for your RCZ. A good site is Accessoryplus.co.uk and their discounted RCZ alloys range from £660.59 - £1787.45 (including VAT) per set (price correct on 22 July 2011). Another good site is 1stchoice.co.uk, although they do not have the alloys online ready for sale straight away. With this company, you have to ask them for the parts and they source them for you from a huge network of dealers at trade prices.

Buying from Online Auction Sites

Given that the RCZ is quite new, online auction sites do not seem to have too many used examples currently but every now and again they do come up at great prices so it is worth keeping an eye out for them on sites like eBay.co.uk and eBid.net. Make sure that you check out the alloys first hand if you are paying high prices because so many come substandard which do not look good on your car. Ensuring that you have payment protection from the likes of PayPal or your bank is also a bonus given the high costs and risk associated with these RCZ alloy wheels.

Buying Offline

Buying offline gives you the chance to see the RCZ alloys first hand and allows you to inspect them for any damage if they are second hand. Peugeot dealerships often have alloys in stock and as do dedicated Peugeot repair garages and service centres. Ask around to get the best deals and always remember to ensure that your payments are secured when spending lots of money on your RCZ alloys.

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