Read on if you are looking for finance to buy a car

The troublesome economic state has hit car sales very hard with news of redundancies and car plant closures every week it seems. The plus side of this however is that for the consumer, it is a buyer’s market. The manufacturers and retailers are desperate to sell cars particularly before the new number plates are launched in January and August, or before new models of a particular car hit the forecourts.

As such, it means that there are many offers for loans and deals when it comes to buying a new car. You may find that the best bet is to contact the dealership direct and see what they can offer you, or you could apply to a company that specialises in car loans, or one of the finance companies. These will often offer you a loan regardless of your credit history, and may take a more relaxed view of your financial status than a bank would. It is important that you read all the small print however and do not sign anything until you are sure of the terms of the agreement.

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