Real life Wacky Races

Remember that excellent kids cartoon the Wacky Races? You know, the one where madcap cars are raced by even more mad capped drivers such as Penelope Pitstop *wolf whistles* and Dastardly & Muttley? *growls* Well thanks to custom car fiend Kanyaboyina Sudhakar, a petrolhead’s Wacky Races fantasy has come true.

Cars, or more appropriately over-sized objects in the Southern Indian race include a giant sized (and to scale) snooker table with a top speed of 50kmp/h, a 75ft cigarette and a 100ft cricket bat. Talking about the frankly magnificent snooker table Kanyaboyina said, 'I designed this to commemorate the World Snooker Championships and when I took it there all the players used it’.

Other wacky cars he’s made by hand from scrap include a cricket ball, a camera, a basketball, computer and valentine cup, with a baby elephant and a handbag in production. What are the bets there's a little more than tobacco in that giant cigarette?

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