Recession? What recession?

If you believed everything you were told by news reports you would be regarded as a fool if you said the world was about to self-combust in a matter of minutes and we’re all going to implode to an early death. Well, there’s nothing like a good, clean, crystal clear stat to shut those naysayers up is there?

According to the the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) the number of new cars sold in the UK rocketed by 26.6% in March, compared to the same month 12 months ago. Ha! In your face pessimists. Gloating about the joyful stat SMMT CEO Paul Everitt praised the Government’s car scrappage scheme and said: ‘A strong March performance was underpinned by the scrappage incentive and improving demand in the fleet sector.’

HA! Recession? BRING! IT! ON! When we say bring it on, we don't actually mean bring on another one, thank you.

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