Record breakers

The Skoda turbocharged Octavia vRS continues to break records, and is now the fastest 2.0 litre production car after setting a new record for a 2.0 litre forced induction production cars in Utah during the Bonneville Speed Week.

The UK team representing the Czech manufacturer had already managed to beat the 200mph mark a few days previously. Setting records during the Bonneville Speed Week works by making runs over a measured mile on consecutive days and the overall speed being a an average of the two times.

Driver and journalist Richard Meaden reported that he managed a 225mph run on Thursday afternoon, which put the team in good stead to set a new record. 'Despite a scary crosswind (and spots of rain!) the flying Octavia hit 228.5mph," said Richard about the next day's run. "When averaged with the run from the previous day we raised the record from 216mph to 227.080mph.'

Having exceeded the 200mph mark on six separate occasions apart from the record-breaking runs, Telegraph writer Richard Meaden has now become a life member of the Bonneville 200 club.

The previous record for the category he was racing in was was 216mph, set in August 1998.

And all done in a Skoda too. Who would have thought it!

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