Red Bulls reign in Spa

Red Bull's Mark Webber hailed the Red Bull team's result at Spa over the weekend as Red Bull's 'best result ever' after they claimed a one-two with his teammate Sebastian Vettel all but sewing up the championship by claiming victory in the race.

Webber said: 'The team result today was probably one of our best results ever as a team – it was stressful last night, and a stressful morning, but handled very well – putting drivers right in the discussions to understand how we can get through the Grand Prix as safely as possible, us giving them feedback on how tyres looked.'

The Red Bull team had endured tyre blistering problems throughout qualifying, and both cars had to enter the pits within the first four laps of the race. And with Webber experiencing radio problems, he had no communication with his team for long periods of the race.

'I was supposed to pit when Seb did, but had a completely blocked radio. I asked if I was wanted to stop, but heard nothing.'

But once resolved, the Australian undertook a quite mesmerising drive that involved some of the most bold pasing manoeuvres seen this season in Formula One.

'Most of the race was charged with frustration from the start," Webber confessed.

'We were obviously very, very close through Eau Rouge, I used some KERS, got a tow and thought I might have a chance.

'We didn't give much easy, it was a good battle. It was rewarding that it worked OK, but it takes two guys to get it right. You can do it with Fernando – he is a world class guy and knows when enough is enough.'

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