Red Letter Days: Kids Driving Experiences

Red Letter Days has been reknowned for providing not only activities for people since 1989 but more importantly providing unforgettable experiences as well. These experiences need not be exclusive to adults however and Red Letter Days have kids driving experiences available to present the perfect gift opportunities for your kids and teens.

Many Driving Options

Red Letter Days kids driving experiences come in many shapes and forms. Depending on the age of your kids there will be certain Red letter Days activities more suited to them than others. Whether it is fast cars, construction machinery or Segways there are plently of driving experiences to choose from.

Lets start with the younger demographic. If your kids are under 13 years of age then you can spend a day at Diggerland for just £40 for 2 people or £55 for 3 people while any children under 90cm are admitted free of charge. Kids under 13 will need to be accompanied by an adult as some of the machinery is quite full on and some machinery is not suitable for kids under 90cm at all.

If you are more interested in getting your kids into a top of the range sports car then worry not, you can choose from some grade A models. For just £89 your kids can pretend to be James Bond for a couple of laps in an Aston Martin or take a spin around the track in a Lamborghini. Or really go all out in a Ferrari for just £99 and try controlling three supercars for a triple threat £135. Each of these experiences include a ten minute drive while the triple experience gives 10 minutes in each of three cars.

A Unique Experience on a Segway

If you would prefer your kids to experience a more unique experience from Red Letter Days get your kids driving a Segway in a 1 hour Segway Rally. This rally takes place on a special off road course and is an entirely memorable experience which costs around £39 for the privilege.

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