How to remove rust from motorcycles

That new motorcycle may have looked good when you purchased it, but it won't be long before it succumbs to the nuisance that is rust. Rust, unfortunately, is difficult to avoid completely. Even the most well-maintained bike can fall victim to unsightly blemishes, but don't despair - with the proper tools and correct application, it can be beaten! Learn how to remove rust from motorcycles and can keep that shiny, modern look for longer.

Rust Removal

Rust is the corrosion of iron or steel components due to contact with water or air moisture. It's difficult to avoid completely, even when preventative steps are taken to protect your vehicle, so it's always handy to know how to remove rust from motorcycles should the time arise.

The first challenge is getting to the rust itself, as it may be hidden in the deepest, most inaccessible parts of your vehicle. If you have to disassemble your bike, make sure you know how it goes back together again!

It's a good idea to clean the rusted areas with soap and water before you continue, to ensure that there is no excess dirt or oil to contend with. Don't forget to dry the area again when you're finished!

To remove rust using traditional methods, you'll need to use a coarse tool such as a wire brush. Once you've made good progress, you can switch the milder tools such as steel wool in order to finish the job.

For rust that's located in hard to reach places, you can try using chemical solutions such as oxalic acid or other store-bought options. If you're looking for a cheaper option, you could always try vinegar!

Once you've removed the rust, you can paint and polish the effected area to make it look as good as new. From this point on, you might want to keep in mind some tips and tricks to help protect your bike and prevent the rust from coming back.

Elbow Grease Required

Learning how to prevent and remove rust from motorcycles is crucial to ensuring your bike stays at the top of its game for longer. Maintaining good practices, such as cleaning and waxing regularly and covering your bike when parked will ensure it remains in good health, however, when the time comes, know that rust is beatable - it just requires a little elbow grease.

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